Ja'Marr Chase won't shut up: A timeline from "Elves" to "Lovely" showers

Here's a timeline of everything Chase has said and done in the past few days before and after the loss against the Cleveland Browns and ahead of his matchup against the Ravens on Sunday. If this game needed any more heat, Chase is bringing it.
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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1. Ja'Marr Chase before Week 1: "I was about to call them the "Elves"

With the Bengals coming off a postseason run that saw Cincy reach the AFC Championship game only to fall three points (and three seconds) short of reaching their second Super Bowl in a row, cocky attitudes were high all around Ohio last midweek.

That's at least how Chase made it sound, as he was asked about the Bengals Week 1 game against the Brown and all he had to say was "It feels like a regular game to me, no different."

That's not bad, but what came after that statement is what broke the internet. Per Cleveland.com, quoth Chase: "I was about to call them the Elves."

Of course, the... Browns were 8-2 entering last Sunday and Cleveland (the Cleveland Browns, just in case) exited it boasting a 9-2 record in their last 11 meetings and a solid 5-1 against QB Joe Burrow.

Chase was referring to the Brown's logo. He was asked if he thinks the elf logo is silly, to which Chase said "Uh, it's funny--it's just different, I guess."

When Chase went to sleep on Sunday, the Browns were 1-0 and the Bengals were 0-1 with the "Elves" beating the Cats 24-3 and Chase grabbing five passes (on nine targets) for 39 yards. Uh, oh.