Ja'Marr Chase won't shut up: A timeline from "Elves" to "Lovely" showers

Here's a timeline of everything Chase has said and done in the past few days before and after the loss against the Cleveland Browns and ahead of his matchup against the Ravens on Sunday. If this game needed any more heat, Chase is bringing it.
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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2. Ja'Marr Chase after Week 1: "It’s frustrating because I called they ass elves and we just lost to some elves.”

Chase wouldn't relent, man. Of course, it was too late to backtrack and say sorry in any way, let alone after the Bengals dropped a stinker in Week 1 falling 24-3 and failing to score more than a single freaking field goal.

No problem for Chase, who kept up with the whole "Elves" things after the trouncing (h/t Complex).

Chase, he of the 39 receiving yards on five grabs, said losing that matchup was frustrating "because I called their ass elves" and the Bengals "just lost to some elves."

His personal feelings? "I'm pissed on my part," Chase said per Ben Baby of ESPN. "I'm pissed on that end. We missed opportunities, we didn't capitalize on that s*** and we lost," the wideout finished.

After putting up a rock-solid 9-2 record against the Bengals in their past 11 meetings, and a stout 5-1 record in games started by QB Joe Burrow, the Browns (not the Elves) will face the Cats once more in the season finale next January.

Start buying and setting up the fireworks, because it's more than probable you'll need them.