Ja'Marr Chase won't shut up: A timeline from "Elves" to "Lovely" showers

Here's a timeline of everything Chase has said and done in the past few days before and after the loss against the Cleveland Browns and ahead of his matchup against the Ravens on Sunday. If this game needed any more heat, Chase is bringing it.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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3. Ja'Marr Chase before Week 2: A chance for showers? "Lovely"

One of the main excuses Bengals fans have found and used to explain their team's 24-3 loss to Cleveland last Sunday in the past few hours and days has been the weather they had to play under.

Let me tell you, I've seen worse. You don't even have to break a sweat to find some. Heck, even the very own NFL put together a tidy list not long ago you can feel free to go and check (after you finish reading this timeline, of course).

Chase was offered a forecast for Sunday's matchup between the Bengals and the Ravens by Olivia Ray of WLWT, who told the wide receiver that there is "a chance for showers" in Cincinnati.

Chase's answer? A "Lovely" one.

Yes, it rained in Cleveland last Sunday. Yes, it might rain in Cincy next Sunday. But the Bengals didn't lose that Week 1 game because of the weather.

Joe Burrow completed 14-of-31 passes. He didn't even reach 85 yards on the day. He was benched for freaking Jake Browning, who could be your cousin. And it's not that Chase helped his team or his quarterback just one bit.

Chase has been targeted 9+ times in 18 different games through Sunday. Last weekend marked his second-worst game under that volume of targets, as he only hauled in five receptions for a meager 39 yards. Only once, against the Jets in 2021, did he grab fewer passes and put up lower yardage.

It's still early to know how the upcoming game between Cats and Ravens will end, let alone how the final standings will look, but Chase and his squad are facing an ominous start to the year if they fall to Baltimore next Sunday.

Cincy can fall 0-2 in the AFC North if Baltimore beats the Bengals, with the Ravens going up 2-0 and facing a much brighter future if that's the case.

"We gotta adjust to the weather and play football," Chase said on Thursday. "Can't make any excuses."

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Not fully trusting that'd be the case, even less coming from Ja'Marr Chase, but we'll let you know about Chapter 4 of this whole 2023 Chase Tour next Monday if adding any further updates to the story is worth it.

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