Is John Harbaugh to blame for another Baltimore Ravens playoff collapse?

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The Baltimore Ravens lost another devastating playoff game under John Harbaugh. While Harbaugh has an excellent overall record, a Super Bowl, and the reputation of one of the best coaches in the NFL, it is hard to look at this game without pointing a good portion of the blame at him. Will the Ravens be able to get over the top with Harbaugh as head coach?

Baltimore Ravens choked once again with John Harbaugh as head coach

Yes, the players play the games, but the coaches determine what happens. The Ravens lost the turnover battle three to zero, they lost the penalty battle eight for 95 to three for 30, and they lost the time of possession 37:30 to 22:30. They got rocked across the board. 

Discipline, strategy, and a strong game plan were missing from this game. We saw Andy Reid and his team display all of this. 

A poorly coached sequence right before the two-minute warning gave the Chiefs the ball back to go up 17-7 before the half. Who knew how big that would loom? 

Zay Flowers had a small sequence that cost his team the game. The issue is that he had moments like this throughout the season, and it was clear he was not being punished or learning from them. He has never been aware of the clock or field situations within the game. Who is coaching him on this?

When the Ravens start to trail, they curl up. The penalties ramp up, the fumbles start to come, and you can feel the entire roster pressing. Yes, the players can control this better, but it is clear that the sense of nervous energy starts at the top. 

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This is a frustrating day for all Baltimore Ravens fans, but John Harbaugh has to be feeling it the most.