John Harbaugh is hoping Taylor Swift can end the Chiefs' dynasty

Harbaugh thinks Swift is the key to taking Travis Kelce out of the picture
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Baltimore Ravens' defeat to Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship not only stomped out any chance of Lamar Jackson getting to a championship, but it also became a stepping stone in the legacy of American culture's most prevalent power couple.

Not only have the Ravens struggled to slow down Kelce, who caught 11 passes for 116 yards in the AFC Championship, but they have struggled while the biggest cultural force in America today in Taylor Swift has been on the other side of their battles. Kelce seems to level up whenever Swift is in the crowd.

Harbaugh seems go have accepted that Kelce and Patrick Mahomes are going to give his teams trouble for the foreseeable future. While Mahomes is far from finished in the pros, Harbaugh seems to be hoping for Swift to eventually settle down with Kelce. Why? Because it would expedite the 34-year-old tight end's departure from Baltimore's defensive game plans.

"I hope they get married," Harbaugh said to Us Magazine in a recent interview. "I hope they have a bunch of kids. Heck, maybe he’ll get ready to retire here pretty soon to pursue that family aspect of his life... would encourage that."

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has funny take on Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship

Harbaugh and the Ravens won't have to wait long to get another crack at Kelce (possibly with Swift in the stands), as Baltimore will travel to play Kansas City on the road in Week 1. With Patrick Queen now in Pittsburgh, Kelce could be looking at the Ravens as a team with exploitable holes on the defensive side.

Kelce already has three championships, and his status as one of the best tight ends of all time firmly set in stone. The only goals football can help him achieve at this point in his career are paychecks, the spirit of competition, or the even loftier task of trying to take down Tony Gonzalez's all-time records.

If Kelce decides that not beating his body up every single day and relaxing with the biggest pop star in the world right now (which seems like a pretty solid post-football career, if you'll allow some editorializing) is what he wants to do, the Ravens' chances of knocking the Chiefs off their perch atop the conference just got much better.

For now, however, Harbaugh and the Ravens will need to figure out how to stop Kelce while America's sweetheart is watching him from the luxury boxes.