What is holding Keaton Mitchell back from being the Baltimore Ravens lead back?

Michael Owens/GettyImages

Keaton Mitchell is starting to see the field more for the Baltimore Ravens, but he has not had quite enough snaps to get that fantasy football breakout impact for the team. Mitchell led Ravens running backs this week, but with nine rushes for 54 yards and one catch for eight yards, he is not bringing enough.

The Baltimore Ravens need to use Keaton Mitchell in the two-minute offense

Mitchell played 46% of the snaps in week 12, but that dropped to 34% in week 14. The drop was not necessarily a diminishing role but rather the reality that the Ravens spent a lot of snaps playing hurry-up offense and passing in the two-minute drill. 

Justice Hill had 11 snaps in the two-minute offense, both in the first and second half. Keaton Mitchell had zero. Mitchell has had zero snaps in that role since his touches expended three weeks ago, as he has been outsnapped 22 to zero in the two minute offense. 

Some of this comes down to pass blocking, as well as reliability with the hands of Justice Hill. Still, this is surprising because it is coming off of a game when Mitchell had multiple big plays in the passing game. 

Lamar Jackson found him on a busted play for his longest catch of the game, and Mitchell also showed well in pass protection. His passing game role has increased a bit, but not fully to the point where the team trusts him in those key scenarios when the team is moving fast, and he has to pick up plays on the fly. 

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There was a thought that this could come together during the bye week, but that obviously was not the case. So, will the Ravens continue to use Mitchell as their starter but then phase him out at the end of games and halves? Or will his speed be a difference-maker in the passing game late in the next couple of meaningful games?