Kevin Zeitler made NFL history on Sunday, has now swept the full 32-franchise NFL

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

In a seemingly impossible feat, Baltimore Ravens guard Kevin Zeitler etched his name in NFL history during the Week 8 win over the Arizona Cardinals, 31-24, on the road of all ways.

Zeitler, known for his work ethic and steadiness, became one of only three offensive linemen to secure victories against every NFL team throughout his career, and one of only 17 players to do so in the history of the league without regard for position.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, acknowledged Zeitler's unique accomplishment, saying "He’s a leader in an interesting way," adding "About work ethic, this guy... you can’t believe how he practices."

In a funny revelation, Harbaugh reminded those listening about a little story involving Zeitler's work ethic.

"You know he’s the guy that does the pass sets when his wife’s having a baby in the hospital? You’ve seen that, right? That’s how he is all the time. He’s just on his craft all the time," Harbaugh told reporters on Monday.

Harbaugh went on to highlight the veteran's leadership and how he's always helping build camaraderie among the players and staffers of the Ravens. "He’s a leader by relationship. He has the guys over to his house. They have a lot of fun, and he leads that way, which is neat. He does it by relationship and by example," remarked Harbaugh.

The Ravens, now standing at 6-2, continue to benefit from Zeitler's contributions to both the offensive line and the team vibes as a whole by the looks of it.

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Zeitler and the Ravens will host Seattle in Week 9 in another tough matchup for Baltimore, although the Flock will be flying back home for this one after spending last weekend on the road to face the Cardinals in Arizona.

The lineman has played and started all eight games this season, and if he beats Seattle that'd be his third victory against the Seahawks as he currently boasts a perfect 2-0 record against them.

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