Kyle Hamilton drops F-Bomb live, Ravens cannot explain bizarre ejection

After two hard-hitting plays involving Ravens sophomore safety Kyle Hamilton, both ending in concussions, the second-year player was ejected from Sunday's Week 6 win and he couldn't explain the reason way... after dropping an F-Bomb line on TV.

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Tennessee Titans in Week 6 24-16 in a game in which they could only score one touchdown on top of six field goals made by Justin Tucker. They did that against a hobbled Titans squad that the Ravens literally mauled.

Of course, many things happened through the 60 minutes of play that the game lasted. That being said, one (or maybe, two) plays are worth pointing out as the main catalysts of the Ravens' victory in Week 6 or at least as the reason for the Titans to not having enough firepower to mount a comeback.

The two plays involved Ravens sophomore safety Kyle Hamilton, they were action-packed actions, and both ended in concussions. The aftermath, among other things, included an F-Bomb you can check here.

On the first one, Hamilton hit Titans rookie tight end Josh Whyle and Tennessee eventually ruled him out for the remainder of the game after he could barely stand on his legs following the brutal collision.

The second play, which was the one that truly drew the ire of many Ravens fans (and players and coaches alike) was the action that sent Hamilton to the locker room early as the referees, helped by those analyzing the tape in New York, decided to eject him from Sunday's matchup.

As you see in the clip above (h/t Mr Matthew CFB), there is not a lot to explain about the play. It was a ferocious helmet-to-helmet hit, so there was no surprise in seeing some sort of punishing coming Hamilton's way.

On the receiving end was Titans wide receiver Chris Moore, a former Ravens draft pick and player from 2016 through 2020 after he moved on to sign with Houston before the 2021 season and ultimately joined Tennessee this year.

Hamilton was surprised by the referees' decision on the field and off of it.

Per Ryan Mink of, Hamilton said after the game that there was "nothing malicious about it" from his perspective. "I wasn't trying to hurt him. I wasn't trying to do anything bad. I was just trying to get the ball out," Hamilton added.

The safety revealed that he knew a flag would be thrown, but he didn't know that an ejection would be added after that.

Head Coach John Harbaugh confirmed that, saying "[The referees] didn't know on the field. It came from New York, I guess. [They'll] have to explain to us why. That's not something we've seen before."

Although Hamilton should be suspended, it's reasonable to expect the NFL to fine the offender and make him pay some money in return for the damage caused.

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Although Whyle had to leave the game and never returned, Moore was able to continue playing and was not ruled out by the Titans.