3 reasons Lamar Jackson is primed for a career year with Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Can the Baltimore Ravens offensive line come together?

This one will essentially come down to two players and whether they can fill the upside expected from them. First, it is Ronnie Stanley. When Stanley is on the field, he is never much of an issue, the question is how much will he be on the field.

In 2019 things were going great for Stanley, and Jackson won the MVP. Then, the last three years have not been the same for Stanley or Jackson. In 2020, he only started six games, with a shoulder issue, and in 2021 it was his ankle that him starting just once. He was eased back in for 2022, but still had just 11 starts,

The reality is that he finished the season healthy and as he stands right now this is about the healthiest he has been since 2020, and maybe even earlier. if that is the case we could see Lamar Jackson get back to his peak.

Beyond that is the first-round center. Tyler Linderbaum had his moments of ups, but his moments of downs as well. Still, center is tough, and he was a rookie. He also was a first-round pick so expectations are for him to get the job done. If he takes a step forward next season the Ravens could be in a really good spot.

When you think about these two you are talking about a left tackle and a center. Those are two line spots that make things go, and the uncertainty in recent years has killed the team. A healthy Ronnie Stanley and a second-year Tyler Linderbaum could go a long way.