3 reasons Lamar Jackson is primed for a career year with Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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1. Baltimore Ravens gave Lamar Jackson an upgrade at offensive coordinator

This cannot be a discrediting of Greg Roman. Roman was a perfect choice for Lamar Jackson during his first couple of years in the NFL. The MVP award went to Lamar Jackson, but Greg Roman deserves credit for bringing that out of him.

Still, the issue with the Roman offense is that he struggled to build off of what he had. He ran a similar offense with Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers, and it got stale and he got fired. Then, he did the same thing with Lamar Jackson, and things got predictable. When Jackson was young and new to the NFL, the simple stuff was perfect.

However, he was ready for the next step and the league was catching up, but Roman did not have the counters. Now, Todd Monken comes in and he may be that guy to turn things up a notch or two.

Monken had an aerial attack with Tampa Bay that featured multiple wide receivers, and he had a strong rushing attack that featured multiple tight ends. Still, his Georgia offense was also explosive. Monken has proven that he can b someone who has counters, and he is someone who does not have one scheme or system, but rather a colleciton of plays that can be molded around the skills of his players.

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When you look at how things broke for Lamar Jackson it really does not get any better. He saw the team add big-name receivers. His offensive line is healthy and ready to roll, and they got more serious at offensive coordinator. This could be the best that we will see of Jackson.