Lamar Jackson doesn't even want to hear about his 17-1 record against NFC teams

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks
Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson has already won the MVP. Lamar Jackson signed the biggest-ever (then) NFL contract last spring. One could reasonably say that all Lamar Jackson is missing is a Super Bowl victory.

But Lamar Jackson doesn't want to know or listen to any of that, let alone something so insignificant (for him at least) as having a nearly impossible 17-1 record against NFC teams throughout his career in Baltimore.

"Bro, we're playing football," Jackson said after a hilarious reaction to the reporter letting him know about his record against the other conference's opponents.

Jackson kept pilling on wins against NFC teams of late with back-to-back victories against such foes in Arizona and Detroit the past two weekends. If he and the Ravens beat Seattle this Sunday, then the streak will reach three.

"It's not about NFC or AFC. I'm trying to win regardless. I don't even want to put that in my head or let you finish that question," Jackson said.

The Ravens quarterback, even though he had one of his worst games of the year in Week 8, still found a way to lead the Flock to their sixth victory of the season. Jackson completed just 18 passes for 157 yards and a single touchdown, but the Ravens went on to defeat the Cardinals on the road and they are now in sole possession of the No. 1 seed in the AFC North.

Baltimore holds a 1.5-game advantage over all other three teams in their division with the Browns, Steelers, and Bengals tied at a 4-3 record through Week 8 and having already gone on their respective bye weeks.

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Following Sunday's game against Seattle, Jackson and the Ravens will need to wait until Dec. 10 to face their next NFC opponent as they won't take on another one before facing the Los Angeles Ravens in Week 14 coming off a bye.

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