Lamar Jackson finds Odell Beckham: Videos go viral, best fan reactions

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp
Baltimore Ravens Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

When the Baltimore Ravens decided to go ahead and sign veteran wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., they knew what they were getting into: a massive following and tons of reactions from all across the football nation.

That took a bit of time to develop with no on-field activities for the past few months following Beckham's arrival in Baltimore, but once the training camp started and ever since, there have been a plethora of comments about the connection between OBJ and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

Cue Saturday's practice inside M&T Bank Stadium, where nearly 20,000 fans gathered to enjoy some reps from their favorite new Raven. And they surely got some goodies.

Lamar floated a touchdown-bound pass to OBJ in one of the 11v11 plays that made all present and watching live on location fantasize with what could be coming to Maryland next season.

The ooohs and aaahs were always expected, of course, with fans already welcoming OBJ to great fanfare earlier on the day and also at the end of practice, as captured by Carita Parks on Saturday.

Although the pass shown above was the one leading up to what could have been a scoring play on any random Sunday, the actual best connection between OBJ and Lamar arrived in another play when Jackson threw a side pass to his freshest receiver forcing the veteran wideout to stretch and launch himself to catch the rock, completing the pass and making for a smooth catch.

That was a nice pass, a better catch, and it was all better becasue Marcus Williams, one of Baltimore's best defenders, was the man covering OBJ on that play. If this is what is coming, the AFC and the NFL as a whole better watch out for the Flock.

In fact, fans from across the world were already dropping messages on Twitter following Saturday's practice after watching Lamar and Odell connect in such smooth ways.

And it is not that other world-renowned, otherworldy athletes such as the very own King James himself took to social networks to give OBJ and Jackson their flowers (h/t @BeatKit22).

This partnership might or might not work eventually, but if the small time these two have been sharing together on the field is a glimpse of the future of the Ravens offense, there are more than a few reasons to be hyped entering next season.

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