Lamar Jackson is making a mess of Stephen A. Smith's thoughts

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens
Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens / G Fiume/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens (5-2) are coming off back-to-back victories against the Titans in London and the Lions inside M&T Bank Stadium. Yes, things could have gone better and the Flock could be riding a 7-0 record. But we can't complain.

Jackson's status as an MVP contender is growing each passing week, and there is nothing better to track how long or short his odds to win the award are than checking the thoughts shared by Stephen A. Smith of ESPN.

That's because this season has been one of his cases of "today I love you, tomorrow I don't" probably so he can grab some eyeballs and gather some clicks from around the internet.

Just two weeks ago, following an ugly loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Smith screamed "The answer is no" to the question "Is Lamar Jackson worth his five-year, $260 million contract?" posed by the ESPN host.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Smith reversed his stance without acknowledging the contradiction, praising Jackson's recent performances following the win against Detroit and making it clear that the star quarterback is, "of course, worth his money."

The contradictory remarks by Smith have left some Ravens fans perplexed and frustrated. To those that belong in that group I say: relax, calm down, take it easy. We're all tired of the constant disrespect directed at Lamar Jackson. Can we do something, anything, about it? Probably not. So don't sweat it.

Stephen A. Smith has built a career on clickbait statements and hot takes, so let him leave in peace. Jackson's stellar play on the field has spoken volumes and we all know that. If he flops, pundits will jump at his neck. If he ends up winning his second MVP, then everybody would say it was clear he would do so and well worth it. Alas.

Next. 16 players the Ravens will try to get before the NFL trade deadline. 16 players the Ravens will try to get before the NFL trade deadline. dark

The Ravens play Arizona on Sunday, and that's all they can control now. Outside voices, as soft- or heavy-tone as they come, shouldn't mean nothing for the players, and not that much for us fans out there either. Stephen A. Smith painted his face by himself with contradictory statements separated barely by a few days. What can we say...

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