6 Lamar Jackson over/unders for 2023 season

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Lamar Jackson over/under 933 rushing yards, and 3,269 passing yards

Jackson went over 1,000 yards twice in a row in 2019 and 2020 but did not do it in the past two years. This is definitely due to injury, but also Jackson went from 80.4 rushing yards per game down to 67, and then it was 63.9 and 63.7 the past two years. So, if he did play 16 or 17 games in those years, he would have barely topped 1,000 yards.

At his current rate, Mike Clay has him down to 62.2 yards per game, which is probably fair. We noted that Jackson will be throwing more, and thus he should be running a bit less. When you add in the injury status, it is easy to go under and think he may never hit 1,000 again in a season.

For 3,269 yards, Lamar Jackson would need to hit 218 passing yards per game. He is at 174 yards per game during his career. During his MVP season it was only 209 yards per game, andh is career high is 240 yards per game back in 2021.

In 2021, the Ravens' defense was more up and down, leading to Jackson passing more and throwing deeper. With Monken as the offensive coordinator, it is easy to expect much of the same. The defense should be good, but a few transitions will take place, and Jackson may have to throw more. With that in mind, and with the thought that he will be rushing for under 900 yards, we will go over on his passing yards.

Over 3,269 passing yards, under 933 rushing yards