Does Lamar Jackson own Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Baltimore Ravens are 3-1 when Lamar Jackson starts against Joe Burrow
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The Cincinnati Bengals have won the division the past two years, so it is hard to say that they are not the team to beat. However, when the Baltimore Ravens have Lamar Jackson, they beat the Bengals as if they are still the kings of the division. The Ravens have had their issues with the Bengals in the past, but Lamar Jackson owns the Bengals.

Does Lamar Jackson own Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals

Lamar Jackson is 7-1 in games when he starts against the Bengals. Overall, the Bengals are 7-2 when Jackson is active, but that second loss was when Joe Flacco started, and Jackson was playing small doses in sub-packages.

When Jackson plays, he beats the Bengals. Over eight games Jackson has 1,570 yards passing, and 12 touchdowns to four interceptions. He has a 93.9 passer rating and has 103 rushes for 642 yards. Over the course of a full season, these numbers would be very strong.

Even with Joe Burrow in the mix, the results have been the same. Jackson was 4-0 before Burrow, but since the Bengals drafted Burrow, the Ravens are 3-1 when Jackson suits up against him. Burrow had a big game in 2021 that Jackson could not replicate, but beyond that, the Ravens have held up.

That brings another interesting wrinkle. After Burrow had 941 yards, seven touchdowns, and one interception against Wink Martindale in two games in 2021, the Ravens changed the way they play defense. With Mike MacDonald at the helm, the Ravens have held Burrown to 863 yards in four games. He has five touchdowns and three interceptions in those games.

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This could be a big change. With Mike MacDonald as the defensive coordinator and Lamar Jackson at quarterback, the Ravens are now 2-0 against the Bengals. They need to keep Jackson, but the dynamic he brings to the offense and the ability that MacDonald has to slow things down for Burrow and the offense has to have Ravens fans feeling like they can dominate Burrow and the Bengals moving forward.

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