Lamar Jackson quickly becoming underpaid after recent QB extensions

Jackson's deal is already a bargain
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens have their franchise quarterback in reigning MVP Lamar Jackson locked up for the next half-decade. Considering how contracts around him have ballooned, this deal is starting to look more fiscally responsible by the day.

Jackson (after some consternation) signed a five-year, $260 million contract that made him one of the highest-paid players in the league. In just one offseason, that contract has quickly gone from a deal that would make capologists have a heart attack to a fairly solid contract for the performance he has provided.

With quarterbacks like Dallas' Dak Prescott and Miami's Tua Tagovailoa also looking for new deals, the Jacksonville Jaguars moved to extend their franchise quarterback in former No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence. The former Clemson star's eye-popping contract exceeds that of Jackson.

Lawrence signed a five-year, $275 million extension that gives him $142 million up front and nearly $200 million in guaranteed money. Lawrence is now tied with Joe Burrow for the most average money on a per-year basis. Lawrence joined Burrow, Jared Goff, and Justin Herbert as quarterbacks who are worth more than Jackson.

Ravens star Lamar Jackson looks underpaid after Trevor Lawrence extension

While Lawrence has been a very nice quarterback for a franchise that has not had a ton of overall success or consistency at the quarterback position, everyone in Jacksonville would say that Jackson is currently a superior player. While Burrow is in Jackson's tier, it's hard to put the Bengals gunslinger over the two-time MVP.

Jackson also makes less than Goff and Herbert. The former became a folk hero with the Lions, but his lack of mobility might make it tough for him to be as elite as Jackson. Herbert's arm is up there with the best of him, but you and I have the same number of playoff wins as the Chargers star.

Jackson will need to go through Lawrence, Burrow, and Herbert if he wants to compete for an AFC championship once again. With two MVPs already under his belt, Jackson should have confidence in his ability to stare down the handful of quarterbacks who make more than him.

While it looked like Jackson's princely sum last offseason was a crazy overpay, the explosion of the quarterback market as every team tries to find their next great player will cause contracts to inflate every year. Lawrence is a solid quarterback, but Jackson warrants a contract bigger than his.