Lamar Jackson: Ravens will dress "sexy" to host the Bengals on TNF

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"Sexy," that's all Lamar Jackson had to say about the Baltimore Ravens uniforms for TNF's matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Despite suffering a tough setback against fellow AFC North contenders Cleveland in Week 10, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has kept up his confidence going forward, which might actually have been boosted a bit more than usual by the Ravens choice of uniforms ahead of TNF.

The Flock will dress in an all-black combo featuring dark jerseys and pants for the first time this season as they face the Bengals midweek. That is, as Jackson put it, "sexy."

The last time they faced the Bengals back in Week 2 with a hobbled Joe Burrow manning Cincinnati's pocket, the Ravens went on to secure a 27-24 victory in Cincinnati. Another win in this week's game would put the Ravens up 8-3 while sinking Cincy to a mediocre 5-5 record and a putrid 1-5 balance in AFC North matchups.

A victory would also put the Ravens' playoff prospects in a prime position with just six more games after TNF on their schedule while hindering the Bengals' chances at making the postseason, let alone clinching home-field advantage throughout the playoffs if they get there.

Currently standing at 5-4, the Bengals simply need to win this game whatever it takes. Just for context, however, they were handed an L last Sunday by the Houston Texans of all teams and a rookie quarterback in C.J. Stroud of all men...

The Browns got a W and so did the Steelers, so both AFC North franchises, as well as the Ravens, are above Cincinnati in the division standings and between one and two games above the Bengals entering Week 11.

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The only thing going in Cincy's favor this week is the fact that they can get a win to close the gap with the teams in front of them while they will also benefit from one of Pittsburgh or Cleveland losing (barring an improbable tie) in Week 11 as they will face each other on Sunday.

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