Lamar Jackson responds to Nick Wright's ridiculous QB ranking

Jackson defended his skill as a passer
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While Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was minding his own business, the reigning MVP saw his credibility as an elite quarterback called into question by FS1 host and talking head Nick Wright during his most recent podcast episode.

Not only did Wright say that Jackson is no longer a top-five quarterback in the league due to his inability to be excellent in the postseason, but Wright implied in a separate podcast appearance that he would take Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Caleb Williams over No. 8 in a hypothetical draft.

Wright's response was torn to shreds by Ravens fans to the degree that Jackson actually managed to see it. Perpetually online and always willing to cut it loose when faced with direct criticism, Jackson let Wright know exactly what he thought of his pessimistic viewpoint.

Jackson replied in GIF format, posting a proboscis monkey (known for their long nose) in an attempt to make fun of Wright. Jackson knows how good he is at his peak, and he seems ticked off that someone would discount one of the greatest half-decade runs in NFL history like that.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson takes issue with Nick Wright's QB rankings

Jackson was one vote shy of being the first player in NFL history to be named unanimous MVP twice, a fact that has either eluded Wright or somehow not made an impact on his evaluation. Lamar has done this with Zay Flowers, a rookie who didn't even reach 1,000 yards, as the best wide receiver he has had in six years.

Apparently Stroud, whom Jackson beat in the playoffs, is worthy of being put in the top five. Allen, who has constantly failed in the postseason and also never made it to the postseason, is also being put ahead of Jackson. Burrow has a Super Bowl appearance, but his statistics are inferior.

While Jackson does have to bear the slings and arrows that come with a 2-4 playoff record and two failures to make it to the Super Bowl as the No. 1 seed, he's played better than his record would indicate in the playoffs.

His two home playoff losses were a 500-yard performance against the Titans and a game that would have been much different if Flowers hadn't fumbled the one-inch line.

Even after nearly a decade of high-end play and multiple MVPs, it appears that Jackson still has to win over doubters in the media.