Lamar Jackson revealed Ravens WR called game before leading touchdown

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

The Ravens defeated the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday by edging them in overtime, 37-31, thanks to a walk-off punt return by backup special-teams playmaker Tylan Wallace. That's the main story, but it wouldn't have reached that climax had it not been by Nelson Agholor. Yes, you read that right.

You might think Nelson Agholor didn't have a lot of impact on the Ravens' victory in Week 14. Think about that twice. After the game, Lamar Jackson revealed a conversation he had on the field with Agholor leading up to his 21-yard touchdown pass to Zay Flowers.

Before the game-changing play, which came on a third-and-17 down, Agholor and Jackson had a brief conversation as the veteran wide receiver heard about the plans for the upcoming play and quickly devised a scoring strategy to fool the Rams defenders leading up to scheming Flowers open.

Agholor, aware of the call, told Jackson about his intention to change and extend his route a bit to engage Rams safety John Johnson III to drag him out of position and to create an opening for Flowers to catch a cleaner, touchdown-bound pass.

"[Agholor] was telling me if we do that play, he’s going to run to the safety and run him out of the window, (then) Zay should be wide open, and that’s exactly what happened. We had the coverage, the safety jumped ‘Nelly’ and Zay did the rest."

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

The idea worked perfectly as Johnson followed Agholor leaving Flowers with more space to make the catch, one that put the Ravens up one point and then three points ahead of the Rams following a two-point conversion.

Agholor, mind you, was good to finish the game with five receptions on five targets for a perfect catch rate yielding 32 yards on offense adding to Lamar Jackson's tally on the day.

While it's true that Agholor might not have been quite an impactful player, the veteran wideout already has three touchdowns on the season on just 25 receptions (33 targets) racking up a total of 314 yards through Week 14.

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Call him what you want, but there is no denying that GM Eric DeCosta pulled off an impressive signing when he added Agholor off the free agent market to bolster an offense that has been extraordinary all year long and has the Ravens atop the AFC entering Week 15.