Lamar Jackson Rumors: 5 QB contingency plans for the Ravens

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Ravens quarterback contingency plans for Lamar Jackson: Teddy Bridgewater, Free Agent

The second option Baltimore could look at is still sitting out there in free agency. Teddy Bridgewater has been one of the best contingency plans in the entire league, for a while now, and has helped multiple teams out of tough quarterback situations in the past.

In New Orleans, Bridgewater went 5-0 when he had to take over for Drew Brees back in 2019. That season, he threw for nine touchdwons to just two interceptions. In 2020, Bridgewater had a tough season in Carolina when he went 4-11, throwing 15 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. Then, starting 14 games for Denver in 2021, he went 7-7 and threw 18 touchdowns to just seven picks.

Last season in Miami, Bridgewater was in a tough spot and started two games, throwing four touchdowns and four picks in relieving Tua Tagovailoa. Although, Bridgewater was also banged up in 2022 as well.

Baltimore could look at Bridgewater as what most of his recent teams have brought him in to be: a backup, or bridge quarterback to the team's next franchise passer. He'd come cheap, and the Ravens could buy themselves a year before going after a rookie in 2024.