Lamar Jackson Rumors: 5 QB contingency plans for the Ravens

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Ravens quarterback contingency plans for Lamar Jackson: Anthony Richardson, Florida

First of all, the Ravens won't end up with Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud. Those guys are going first and second overall, no matter what smoke and mirrors you choose to believe. Second, the Ravens should not go after Will Levis. He's not the type that fits this offense, and he's also well on his way to becoming the next Zach Wilson.

Now, Anthony Richardson on the other hand, is quite the tantalizing prospect for a team like Baltimore. Although, Baltimore would have to move up quite far in order to draft him.

Going from pick 22, the Ravens would likley have to move up inside the top 10, if not the top six picks. That would be costly, and would probably see the Ravens part with at least two first-round picks, if not three, to land him. Fortunately, they might end up netting two first-round picks from the Lamar Jackson situation, should they lose him to another team's offer sheet.

Richardson is a physical freak. He stands 6-foot-4, weighing in at 244 pounds and possesses a combination of size, strength and speed as a runner. But, that strength? It's in the arm, too. He's got arguably the biggest arm in the entire draft.

If the Ravens wanted to go from Lamar to a similar player with the same skillset, who might even be a better overall passer, then Richardson is their guy. It's a risk, sure, but could absolutely pan out.

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