Lamar Jackson wanted his damn carpet and Lamar Jackson got his damn carpet!

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens / Tasos Katopodis/GettyImages

Not only are the Baltimore Ravens winning games these days, but they are also winning household goods right there on the field as fans are gifting them to your superheroes.

Just last weekend, inside the confines of The Bank, Lamar Jackson had a memorable interaction with a fan during the Ravens' win over the Seattle Seahawks.

The fan had the genius idea of carrying a rug, yes, a freaking carpet, cut and shaped and printed in the shape and likeliness of Lamar and he offered it to the quarterback from the stands.

In the middle of the game, as the Flock was coasting to a W and not needing to do much more than engage with the fans in the stands at a certain point throughout the unbalanced matchup, a Ravens staffer approached Jackson with news that a fan had crafted a carpet in his image and wanted to gift it to him, per The Baltimore Banner.

Jackson's immediate response was extraordinary but very logical: “I want that. I want that. Yeah, I want that. I want that. Tell his ass, I want that damn carpet!"

After the game, Jackson told The Baltimore Banner that he had spotted the rug in the stands but didn't know it was available for him. "I’m like, ‘Hell yeah, I want it,’" he said.

"Just tell [the fan] to make sure he puts it in the locker room or something, or give it to you (a Ravens staffer)," Jackson recounted. "That’s all it was. I guess the mic’d up made it bigger than it was.”

Jackson also praised the rug's quality and mentioned placing it in his bedroom. "It’s a great rug, soft. I put it on the floor at home, and my daughter was running around on it, so it was pretty cool," he shared with The Banner.

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Of course, the fan has a rug business and the report says that the company is now getting an endless amount of orders to craft different runs for other fans to step on first thing in the morning when getting out of their beds. Keep hustling, fam.

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