Lamar Jackson's weight revelation will get Ravens fans excited for 2024

Lamar is throwing it back to 2019.
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens are once again hitching their wagon to the performance of star quarterback Lamar Jackson ahead of the 2024 season. Fresh off an MVP, the Ravens know that they need another performance like that in order to keep up with contenders like the Chiefs in 2024.

Jackson tried to put on weight in past seasons to withstand an NFL punishment, but he seems to believe that playing at a lower weight will make him more elusive. Quotes from both Jackson himself and a Ravens strength coach confirm a leaner, meaner Lamar is coming for 2024.

Jackson confirmed that he was up to 230 pounds just a few seasons ago before dropping back down to 215 pounds last year. Jackson has lost even more eight, cutting down to 205 pounds before the 2024 season. The last time No. 8 was that skinny, he won an MVP in 2019.

"Lamar is in great shape, and what it's allowing us to to add lean muscle on top of it," said Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Scott Elliott last month. "So, I would say this: I've never been more excited in April for Lamar Jackson." The Ravens are ready to unleash this much-thinner Jackson.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson down to 205 pounds after weight loss

One of the big concerns Jackson had coming out of Louisville was related to his weight, as teams were nervous about a quarterback as skinny as him toting the rock and withstanding NFL hits. So far, it seems like Jackson has been able to both stay healthy and be a highly productive player.

While some fans might not like a skinnier Jackson running the ball as often as he has in the past, the addition of Derrick Henry should put Baltimore in a situation where he doesn't have to carry as much of the offensive load. Jackson's biggest injury in the pros also came when he was in the pocket.

Jackson will take his new-look body on a quest for another championship alongside Henry in the backfield. Jackson's perimeter weapons are largely unchanged, and the offensive line isn't regarded as one of the best in the league, but a more slippery Jackson might be the force multiplier this team needs to compete.

Jackson has proved the doubters wrong by succeeding in the pros despite his wiry frame. The question of him finally breaking through next year won't get an answer until clock strikes midnight on the season.