Legendary WR teases retirement after one season with the Ravens

DeSean Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
DeSean Jackson, Baltimore Ravens / G Fiume/GettyImages

A legendary veteran NFL wideout and lastly a Baltimore Ravens player might be about to hang his cleats, or that's what he teased on Sunday by way of posting a cryptic message on his personal Instagram account.

DeSean Jackson, 36 years old, took on IG and posted a brief albeit easy-to-interpret message reading "Did it my way 15 years strong!! Neva anotha like it!" followed by a hashtag saying "#0ne0fone." That hashtag, just in case, is also Jackson's handle on the social network.

Whether or not Jackson wanted to announce his retirement, let us know he's (at least) thinking about it, or the totally opposite thing in wanting to keep visiting football gridirons on a weekly basis, the post sparked quite an explosion of reactions all across the internet.

A three-time Pro Bowler with the Philadelphia Eagles and a Super Bowl champion with the Los Angeles Rams, if Jackson decides to retire for good and eventually turns the social-network announcement into an official one, he will do so as one of the greatest receivers to ever do it.

Jackson would, also, enter the history books with a link to the Baltimore Ravens franchise as the last franchise he ever played for throughout his 15-year career.

Following stints with Philadelphia, Washington, and Tampa Bay, a return to Philly, then a season split between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, D-Jax signed a one-year pact with the Ravens last October.

The Cali native went on to appear in seven games with Baltimore last season, spanning from Week 9 through Week 17. Jackson started only one of those games as one of the main receivers on the field when the Ravens launched their first attack.

All in all, Jackson was targeted 17 times last year while catching nine passes for 153 yards posting a 17.0 Y/R average and a lower 9.0 Y/Tgt. He topped at 37 total yards at Jacksonville when he caught 2-of-3 targets from QB Lamar Jackson.

After all of the drama caused by his publication on Instagram, Jackson put out a second message to drop the heat a bit captured by football insider Ari Mierov. In it, Jackson stated that "Y'all will know when the Boi retire!!" along with three eagle emojis next to that sentence.

Jackson was on the verge of retiring last season before signing and ultimately playing for the Ravens, so this news comes hardly as surprising. Jackson's calling card has always been his speed and deep-route-running skills, so it was logical for him to lose some of his superpowers as he aged.

In case Jackson (11,263) ends up retiring this offseason, he will do so as one of only 34 wide receivers to rack up 11,000+ receiving yards throughout their careers. He will do it having the 33rd-most yards at the position among those in that group, but the second-best Y/R average at a ridiculous 17.6 yards per reception while scoring 58 touchdowns.

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