4 longer term winners from Baltimore Ravens roster cuts

A couple of backfield members and a couple of defensive backs slept better this week
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As the Baltimore Ravens cut the roster down to 53 we will slowly shift to their week one opponent. However, there are a few more notes to follow before we shift to a game week. What are some of the bigger-picture wins from the Ravens roster cuts?

4. Ben Mason has a clear path to the Baltimore Ravens roster in 2024

This was the plan all along, the Baltimore Ravens will say, when Ben Mason actually makes the roster in 2024. They drafted him back in 2021 because they thought he would be the replacement for Patrick Ricard. We are now in 2023, and that has not happened yet.

Mason was cut in 2021 and actually bounced around the NFL before coming back. He had short stints with the Patriots and Bears, so no, this was not how the Baltimore Ravens envisioned it when they drafted him.

Still, he did circle back, and he spent all of 2022 on the practice squad despite getting cut again. In 2023, he is back on the practice squad. Considering he did not get snagged all of last season and once again passed through waivers, it is hard to see anyone interested in Ben Mason in 2023.

So, he now gets to the roster into the offseason and into the 2024 season. Patrick Ricard would save the Ravens nearly $4M if they cut him, so this would become a bit of a no-brainer. The Ravens would be able to move on from Patrick Ricard, and finally, once and for all, Ben Mason will make the roster.

Ben Mason is a winner because if he does not make the roster in 2024, that will be the end of his time with the team. There will be no more Ricard blocking his path.