4 longer term winners from Baltimore Ravens roster cuts

A couple of backfield members and a couple of defensive backs slept better this week
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Keaton Mitchell, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Keaton Mitchell is in the Baltimore Ravens long term plans

This one has been a bit more publicized than Ben Mason. Still, the UDFA is a huge winner. This is not just a win for this season, though, this has long-term implications. In fact, Mitchell still may end up on the IR and not playing at all this season. Even if he is healthy it is hard to see him being active.

He is not as refined as Justice Hill, and is not the return man that Devin Duvernay is, so his two best roles are booked on gameday. However, he has a great chance to be on the roster next season. Justice Hill will be signed, but the could save some money by moving on.

They probably will not because both J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards are free agents after this year. There is a good chance that both of them will be gone. So, the need for Hill is there, but the Ravens would really look for Mitchell to step up here.

He has flashed as a rookie, but if he spends a full year with Dobbins and in the NFL facilities he could come into the 2024 season ready to earn a role that Dobbins had this year. So, even if you do not see Mitchell much this year, remember that he could be in the plans for next year in a big way.