3 major injury notes to follow for Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars

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When the Baltimore Ravens head to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars, they will surprisingly be the healthier team entering the matchup. The Ravens have weathered the storm of injuries, and the Jaguars are trying to get out of that storm right now. 

There are three key positions with injuries that will impact the Jaguars this week. 

3. The Jacksonville Jaguars have three key injuries in their secondary

When the Jacksonville Jaguars' defense was healthy, they were playing quality football, but right now, they have a few key injuries on the back end. First, they have been playing with an injured Tyson Campbell. Campbell missed weeks 11 and 12 and tried to come back in week 13, but he did not play well.

Then, he missed week 14. His status is currently up in the air. Montaric Brown has been the starter in his place. Brown struggled against Amari Copper in a big way.

On top of that, they lost Tre Herndon two plays into their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Gregory Junior stepped in for him.

With an injured Campbell and Junior in the slot, the Jaguars lost to the Bengals. 

Then, with Campbell and Herndon out, they lost to the Browns, giving up 30 points in both games. It did not help that Andre Cisco went down with a groin injury against the Browns as well, so the Jaguars lost three of their five secondary members for large chunks of that game. 

There is a chance that all three play, but of course, there is also the same chance that all three do not. This will be impactful on the outcome. Odell Beckham is playing his best football, and the Ravens are starting to give Zay Flowers more work. This could pay off for both.