4 major injury updates to watch for San Fransisco 49ers against Baltimore Ravens

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2. The Baltimore Ravens could test the San Francisco 49ers secondary 

The 49ers secondary hit a rough patch earlier in the season. However, they made a small tweak, and things got better. The 49ers started to move Deommodore Lenoir from the outside to the slot, and they started Ambry Thomas on the outside. This pushed Isiah Oliver, the weak link of the unit, out of the mix. 

Lenoir was better in the slot than outside, and Thomas has been excelling in his expanded role. However, Lenoir left the Arizona Cardinals game with a rib injury. The 49ers scored so much that it did not matter, but the Cardinals did hang up 29 points on the 49ers defense without Hargrave, Armstead, and eventually Lenoir. 

The good news for the 49ers is that Lenoir is day-to-day and has a chance to practice throughout the week. The game being on Monday has to help out the day-to-day players as well. 

So, the Ravens will have to follow the injury report to find out who will be starting in the slot. If it is Oliver, they have to plan to attack. Even with Lenoir, they may want to see how healthy he is early into the game.