4 major injury updates to watch for San Fransisco 49ers against Baltimore Ravens

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1. What will the San Fransisco 49ers offensive line look like against the Baltimore Ravens

The San Francisco 49ers offensive line has had some shuffling in the last two weeks. Spencer Burford missed two games due to a knee injury. It caused the team to go from the younger player in Burford to a veteran, Jon Feliciano. To be honest, this may have upgraded the line. 

Burford is more physical and has more potential, but he is simply not as good on a snap-in, snap-out basis. Meanwhile, Feliciano is not going to wow anyone, but he is also not going to bring the mental errors. More than that, at this age, being healthy at this time of the year is rare in the NFL. He is at an advantage. 

Kyle Shanahan said that Burford will practice this week, and the 49ers will decide what to do. Burford may be the least likely to play, not only due to injury status but also because the 49ers may want to see what another week looks like with the veteran in the mix.

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Baltimore Ravens should follow Burford and his injury status this week. If he does play, it may end up being a break for the Ravens.