10 major questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in Week 2 at Cincinnati Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens have questions at every position
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The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of questions that arose from their 25-9 win over the Houston Texans. Now, as we shift our attention to the Cincinnati Bengals, there is a whole heap of new questions to be answered. Every position group could bring something to watch for on its own.

What do fans need to see when the Ravens take the field against the Bengals on the road?

10. Will Marcus Williams' injury impact how the Baltimore Ravens utilize Kyle Hamilton?

The Marcus Williams injury is rough. The Ravens did handle an injury to Williams before last season when he missed six games, but it is different now that Kyle Hamilton is starting and not Chuck Clark.

The Ravens used Kyle Hamilton close to the line of scrimmage as an additional box player often in the Ravens debut, but when Marcus Williams got hurt, he moved back deeper a bit.

Geno Stone can play the free safety role just fine, but he is not Marcus Williams back there. Williams is a center fielder and a ball hawk who keeps in front of the entire defense. Stone is a sound player, but he is not that. This is going to cause the Ravens to hedge their usage of Hamilton and have him play further back to help Stone.

This compounds the safety group and makes them both a downgrade. Stone is worse than Williams, and in effect, the team cannot unleash Hamilton all of the way. It is not that Hamilton will be bad, but more that they cannot take it a step further. Or can they? We will see how they use Hamilton this week.