10 major questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in Week 2 at Cincinnati Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens have questions at every position
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Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Can Roquan Smith outsmart Joe Burrow?

We have noted that Joe Burrow has had success against the Baltimore Ravens. With Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Williams out, it is easy to say that this will be the Ravens' defense at their best. However, another note to watch in this game is that this will be Roquan Smith against Joe Burrow in part four.

Smith actually had a pick-six in the first time he played against Burrow. He played for the Chicago Bears, and they beat the Bengals. Smith lost the last two times the Ravens played against him, but a lot of it had to do with Anthony Brown and Tyler Huntley being the starting quarterbacks.

The week 18 matchup is a tough one to take much out of, but the playoff game was obviously the best that the Ravens' defense played against Burrow. It was a healthier unit on paper, but the Ravens' defense has consistently been something different since they added Roquan Smith. On Sunday, we will see just how impactful he can be as he has to man a banged-up unit.