10 major questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in Week 2 at Cincinnati Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens have questions at every position
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Odafe Oweh, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Is Odafe Oweh ready to beat another strong tackle?

An underrated discussion from week one was how good Odafe Oweh was. The fact that the Baltimore Ravens beat the Texans up front was no shock when you saw how banged up their offensive line was. However, one player who was healthy was Laremy Tunsil. At his best, Tunsil is one of the best tackles in the NFL.

He did not play awfully, but Oweh had moments where he beat an elite tackle. So, with the rest of the line, you can brush aside how good they looked, but with Oweh, you have to wonder if the Ravens have a breakout brewing.

This week, he gets Orlando Brown. Typically, you would say Brown is a step up in competition, but compared to Tunsil, it is not that. Will Oweh do just as well this week? Is Brown an easier matchup? Oweh wins with athletic ability, and that is the one area where Brown will get exposed. If Oweh torches Brown, it will go a long way in winning this game. More than that, it is two straight dominant performances against talented tackles.