10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens blowout win over Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. Can Lamar Jackson protect the football in big games?

Lamar Jackson was nearly flawless in the Baltimore Ravens' domination over the Seattle Seahawks. However, it Is unfortunate that I have to say nearly because Jackson lost a fumble when he was strip sacked by Boye Mafe. Jackson is playing well but has far too many fumbles. Per PFF, he has ten fumbles already this year. That is on pace to shatter the 15 he had as a rookie. He had 10 and 12 in the years after and has not been that high since. Last year, he had six on 327 snaps, and this year, he is at ten on 252 snaps.

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Lamar Jackson is the reason the Ravens are in the position they are in, but he also will be the reason they do not get as far as they need to go if he continues to turn the ball over in big spots like this. This Ravens team is hot right now, and they should be considered favorites for the Super Bowl, but we have to remember that Jackson has a monkey on his back in the playoffs, and we are still seeing bits and pieces of the realization that he may struggle again.