10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens blowout win over Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Isaiah Likely
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4. Are the Baltimore Ravens about to get more from Isaiah Likely?

Sunday was the best that we saw from Isaiah Likely all season. It was not expected, and it is not like Likely was playing more. Still, the Ravens found a way to get him the ball. Likely had four catches for 42 yards in the eight games leading up to this. Then, he had four catches for 42 yards in week nine. Doubling his production in one game speaks to how bad he was before Sunday but also how valuable his play was on Sunday.

The Ravens always knew that they were going to limit the playing time of Likley compared to last year. Todd Monken uses wide receivers much more, and the Ravens had the receiver depth that they did not have to call on him. Still, his yards per route run is down from 1.32 to 1.09, showing that he is not the same, even on a per-snap basis.

On Sunday, his yards per route run was 4.2. Even if that does not continue, the Ravens at least have to believe that they can get more out of him when the time calls. It is so good to see him post a stat line after a couple of zeros in a row in the middle of the year.