10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens blowout win over Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr.
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2. Is Odell Beckham ironing out his play for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens have seen some ups and downs from Odell Beckham as he returns from missing an entire season due to ACL recovery. BechBeckhamam is averaging 1.31 yards per route run this year, which is well below his average of 2.09 for his career.

Sunday was a bit of an improvement in that area, but also a small look into his 2023 as the ups came with the downs. Beckham caught five passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. He averaged 2.24 yards per route run, which is above his career rate. Still, somehow, it was not the bounce-back game he wanted.

Beckham also lost a fumble before the half and had a crucial drop. He looks like he is getting things going, but is either rusty or will not be all the way back to what he was. Should fans be encouraged that Beckham is producing a bit more, or discouraged by the reality that it is a step back for every step forward and we are now halfway through the season?