10 major questions emerging after Baltimore Ravens loss to Indianapolis Colts

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Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Michael Pierce
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7. Can Michael Pierce keep this up?

I should not even ask this for the fear that it will actually come true. Still, there have to be concerns about Michael Pierce and how much he can sustain the impact he has had this season. Pierce is about to be 31 years old and has not been healthy for a full season since 2019.

Pierce is also coming off of a 54-snap game, the most snaps that he has played since 2017. He is playing some of his best football at a run he has not played very often. At his age and injury history, there has to be a fear of how much he can keep this up.

This is surprising in a sense. The Ravens could be playing him so much because he is playing so well, and they do not want to lose his momentum. They could be understanding that if he does get hurt, they have Travis Jones ready. Or, they do not trust Travis Jones.

If it is the latter, the Ravens have an issue, but if it is the former, the Ravens may be ready to ride this hot streak until the wheels fall off. We can only hope it does not happen soon.