10 major questions emerging after Baltimore Ravens loss to Indianapolis Colts

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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6. Can the Baltimore Ravens get Lamar Jackson to stop fumbling?

Lamar Jackson has fumbled the football four times through three games. His career high is 12, and he has hit nine and 10 in a season as well. Still, the rate he is at is unsustainable and would cost the team games if it continues.

It already was a key play that cost the Ravens against the Colts. Some of the issues come down the offensive line, but Jackson simply has to be more protective of the football. He thinks that he is being a playmaker and helping the team, but right now it is hurting things. With the injuries the team has and the talent he brings, he has to play it more safely to win games.

Will Lamar Jackson really set a career-high in fumbles this year, or will he get his act together and perform better to keep his team in games?