10 major questions emerging after Baltimore Ravens loss to Indianapolis Colts

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Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens, Roquan Smith
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4. is Kyle Hamilton in the slot making Roquan Smith better?

Roquan Smith was at his best on Sunday. Some of it has to do with the fact that the Ravens played a backup quarterback, but you have to wonder if Kyle Hamilton in the slot is for the best for Roquan Smith as well. Between Patrick Queen and Hamilton, the Ravens bring a ton of athletic potential and length into the box.

Both of them are excellent as blitzes, and both bring a different skill set that helps in the ground game. The big thing is that both of them are right next to Roquan Smith. Smith can communicate with both of them, and he can fill in the gaps and make plays for anything they like. It is like the triangle offense for these three, but on defense.

The Ravens' defense was at its best down the stretch last season when Hamilton was in the slot. Sunday was the best we have seen from both Hamilton and Smith. This may not be a surprise. Should the Ravens just keep Hamilton in the slot, and is that for the best?