10 major questions emerging after Baltimore Ravens loss to Indianapolis Colts

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Isaiah Likely
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2. Can Isaiah Likely add anything to the Baltimore Ravens passing game?

The Baltimore Ravens lost Mark Andrews in week one, and they lost Odell Beckham in week three. Rashod Bateman has been banged up and ineffective. The Ravens have played Isiah Likely on 43% of the offensive snaps this year after playing him for 40% of the snaps as a rookie.

Everything is in line for Isaiah Likely to see improvement this year, and we have simply not seen that. This year, he is down from 23.3 yards per game to 10.7. His yards per route run is down from 1.32 to 0.84. He is just not getting anything done. Is this because Todd Monken is not viewing him as a piece of the offense? A lot of his targets have been check-downs. Or, was the rookie year for Likely a bit of a fraud because there were no other options?

The Ravens need to get something out of Likely. Perhaps they start to push Flowers down the field more and use Likely as the underneath target?