10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens week 3 win over Cleveland Browns

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Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Commanders, Keaton Mitchell
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7. How can the Baltimore Ravens get more speed from their running backs?

The Baltimore Ravens are relying on Lamar Jackson to be their speed-running back. In a perfect world, the team had J.K. Dobbins, the lightning, and Gus Edwards, the thunder. For the most part, Justice Hill and Kenyan Drake would back up Dobbins, while Edwards would need Melvin Gordon to fill his shoes more often.

Still, Hill has 22 rushes for 83 yards, and Kenyan Drake has one attempt for no yards. Together, they have 23 for 83, which is rough. On the flip side, Lamar Jackson has 25 rushes for 209 yards, which is just a little bit better.

So, can the Baltimore Ravens find someone to fill that role for Dobbins, or will it just be Lamar Jackson?

The Ravens are supposed to get Keaton Mitchell back soon, and perhaps he could bring more juice than either Hill or Drake at this point. The team needs something because, right now, the loss of Dobbins is weighing on them.