10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over the Arizona Cardinals

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Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals, Rashod Bateman
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7. Is Rashod Bateman slowly emerging for the Baltimore Ravens?

This has not been the year that the Baltimore Ravens wanted to get from Rashod Bateman. He is averaging just 21.7 yards per game after being over 40 in each of his first two seasons. He has already dealt with an injury, but he has been back for four games now. It took him two games to get going, and he looked lost at first. His drop against Pittsburgh cost them the game.

However, in the last two weeks, he has started to come along. Bateman has four catches for 70 yards over the last two weeks. The Ravens have limited his playing time, so he has only run 34 routes over that span. Still, that is a 2.05 yards-per-route run rate. For his career, Bateman is at 1.43 yards per route run, and this season, he is down at 1.13. That is with the last two games added in to let you know how bad it was.

Do the Ravens keep him in the limited role because it brings out the best in Bateman, or has he shown he can take on a little more work now? If he can get a few more snaps and keep up these yards per route run, he could still salvage a pretty fine season.