10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over the Arizona Cardinals

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Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens, Jared Goff
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6. Have the Baltimore Ravens benefitted from quarterbacks on their schedule?

The Baltimore Ravens' defense is elite and it is hard to knock it from any metric or perspective. If there is one thing, it is that they have not faced the gauntlet of quarterbacks, and even when they do, it appears to be at the perfect time.

The Ravens faced C.J. Stroud in his first career NFL start. He also was missing Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard for the game. In week two, they got Joe Burrow, but he was clearly impacted by a calf injury. Week three was backup Gardner Minshew, and week four was backup Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Kenny Pickett might as well be a backup, and week six was Ryan Tannehill just until backup Malik Wilis came in. He is now benched for Will Levis. The Ravens did get the Lions and Jared Goff, one of the best quarterbacks they have faced. They shut him down, but the Lions were without some offensive line help, and they were without David Montgomery as well.

Then, this week was backup Joshua Dobbs. So, they beat Jared Goff and injured Joe Burrow. You beat the teams in front of you, but Baltimore needs to play someone to get tested before the playoffs. Healthy Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Trevor Lawrence, Matt Stafford, Tua Tagovaolia, and the 49ers offense await in the coming weeks. We will see what this defense is made of.