10 major questions emerging from the Baltimore Ravens win over the Tennessee Titans

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Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders, Todd Monken
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1. Are the Baltimore Ravens issues real or adjustments to a new scheme?

The Ravens offense looks so close to taking off and then it consistently finds a way to handicap itself. First, the offense moved the ball well, but did not have the big plays. Then, the big plays came, but the fumbles followed. Then it was the drops. The Ravens were one of the best red zone teams, and then the past two weeks they have not been able to figure it out in the red zone.

It feels like once they plug one hole another one opens. Will this continue all season? It is easy to say no. First, it is still the first few weeks of Lamar Jacksonin the Todd Monken. He has to be much more comfortable right now than he was in recent weeks.

He lost Mark Andrews week one, he lost Odell Beckham week two, Rashod Bateman came out in week three, and week six is the first week that the intended starting offensive line from start to finish.

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So, as the Ravens get healthy, get comfortabel together and in the new scheme it is easy to think that the small mistakes will disappear. Does the offense take a step? Or is getting in their own way a theme that continues through the year?

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