10 major questions emerging from the Baltimore Ravens win over the Tennessee Titans

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens,  Marlon Humphrey
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8. Is Marlon Humphrey about to become a full-time player?

After missing the first four weeks of the 2023 season with foot surgery, Marlon Humphrey was eased back into the mix in week five against the Steelers. He was essentially in a 50-50 mix with Ronald Darby, although he was on the strong side, with 55% of the snaps played.

Last week, he saw his snap count amped up with 82% of the snaps. It left Darby with just 18%. It was interesting because when Marcus Williams and Kyle Hamilton went down, the team had to move Brandon Stephens to safety from cornerback. They decided to bring in Rock Ya-Sin instead of Darby so that Darby would stay in the rotation with Humphrey, and then Ya-Sin was playing every snap across from the split.

Marcus Williams may miss time, but Hamilton will not, so Stephens may end up playing all the snaps at cornerback again. If Humphrey sees any more work, he will be at 100% of the snaps. Will this be the first time that the Baltimore Ravens start two cornerbacks, and they play the entire game across from each other without any rotation or injury? It is starting to trend that way.