5 major storylines from Baltimore Ravens first preseason game

The Baltimore Ravens preseason opener brought plenty of questions and other takeaways
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Justice Hill, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Justice Hill was getting the call to replace J.K. Dobbins for the Baltimore Ravens

All of the Baltimore Ravens running backs were healthy and played aside from J.K. Dobbins. So, it gave us an inside look into what may actually happen if Dobbins were not to suit up. He is on the PUP and has a history of injuries after all. The surprising storyline may be that Justice Hill has a real chance to earn a role if Dobbins does not play.

When you think about it, the Ravens clearly want a two-man attack between Dobbins, who brings speed, and Gus Edwards, who brings power. So, with Dobbins out, it is not as simple as Gus Edwards getting more work. Edwards remained in his role as the backup or complementary back.

It set up for Hill to be the leading rusher. Hill thrived rushing with the top group, gaining 48 yards on three carries. That is exactly what they want from that role, whether it be Dobbins or Hill.

This is notable for many reasons. First, Dobbins is in for a big-time role if and when he comes back. However, if he does not, Hill has a chance to break out this season and looks ready for it. More than that, Melvin Gordon was signed for insurance, but if he is not pushing Hill, Edwards, or even Keaton Mitchell, he is not going to stick around this roster. We will see if any of these thoughts change next week.