5 major storylines from Baltimore Ravens first preseason game

The Baltimore Ravens preseason opener brought plenty of questions and other takeaways
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Malik Hamm, Baltimore Ravens

2. Two UDFAs flashed for the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens hosted both Kyle Van Noy and Jadeveon Clowney, and both of them left without a contract. It could be an issue between the two sides, or it could be that the Ravens have quiet confidence in a few young names. Two of the standouts of this game were Kelle Sanders and Malik Hamm, two UDFA players.

Sanders played 37 snaps and rushed the passer 23 times. He had two pressures and two run stops. Malik Hamm played 38 snaps. He had 19 chances to rush the passer and three pressures, and then had two run stops on 13 run defense snaps.

For NFL debuts, it could not have gone better for either. Still, that is a long way from making the roster. Jeremiah Moon did not solidify anything, but he is still ahead of both, and there is still a great chance that the team signs someone, and all of these names are practice squad options.

At the same time, if either Hamm, or Sanders strings this together for a few more weeks, it could give them a chance to make the roster.