6 major takeaways from Baltimore Ravens first unofficial depth chart

The Baltimore Ravens have position battles all over their depth chart. What does the first version of their depth chart say?
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Baltimore Ravens, Rashod Bateman
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4. How are Baltimore Ravens handling injuries to big names?

The Baltimore Ravens have two names who are on the PUP with significant injuries. Rashod Bateman is recovering from Lisfranc surgery, and J.K. Dobbins is out with, well, we are not sure exactly. Either way, it is interesting to know where they both stand.

It does appear that the nature of the injury has impacted the standing of each. Bateman is legitimately on the right path to recovery, and the Ravens held his spot. It may be because Zay Flowers is also a rookie, but Bateman is right next to Odell Beckham as the top two. On the flip side, the Ravens have been unsure what the deal is with Dobbins, and right now, he is behind Gus Edwards on the depth chart.

There could be more merit to this because even when Dobbins is healthy, the thought was that these two would share the backfield in some manner. Still, it is interesting to see that Bateman was not impacted in his depth chart standing, but Dobbins was. Are they hoping to see Dobbins get motivated, while they know that Bateman is working hard to get back?