5 major takeaways from Baltimore Ravens initial 53-man roster

The Ravens are thin in some areas, and strong in others. Also, which players may come back to the roster, and which ones may end up on the IR?
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The Baltimore Ravens officially set their initial 53-man roster. There are going to be plenty of changes to come in the next 24 hours or so as the team is now able to place players on the injured reserve with the ability to come back for the season. Beyond that, the Ravens could claim someone cut from another team now and would need to make corresponding moves.

Still, for the time being, this is what the original group is. What are the biggest takeaways from the initial depth chart?

5. Baltimore Ravens keep two undrafted free agents

Before training camp, if you had to make a list of the most likely UDFAs to make the 53-man roster, it would not take long to get to Keaton Mitchell. At the same time, Malik Hamm was a sleeper who definitely was down a step or two in consideration. That is the beauty of the offseason before the season starts because anything can happen when you get on the field and get the chance to prove yourself.

There are two notes from both, though. Neither played in the preseason finale. That could be a sign that both were locks the entire way, but also, both have been missing time due to injuries. Is there a chance that the Ravens place both on the IR with a chance to return later in the season? Given the rookie UDFA status, it may be best for them to rest up for a few weeks and possibly come back in the middle of the year rested and ready to go.

Beyond that, it is obvious that both are in the long-term plans and the Ravens had no interest in exposing them to waivers, even if they do not suit up for the team this year. It is hard for any UDFA to make the roster, no matter the circumstances, so this is a great day for Malik Hamm and Keaton Mitchell.