6 major takeaways from Baltimore Ravens injury updates

The Ravens have a lot of injuries on both sides of the football
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Baltimore Ravens, Marcus Williams
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5. How long will the Baltimore Ravens lose Marcus Williams?

Marcus Williams played just 24 snaps on Sunday, and but left with a pec injury. The Ravens have said that they believe he will be out for a while, but did not say the exact timetable. However, the thought is that he will not miss the entire season. The fact that the entire season is on the table shows you that this will be a significant injury with a longer timetable than fans want to hear.

Williams missed seven games last year with a wrist injury. This is frustrating for fans, Williams, and the Ravens because Williams has been an excellent signing when he has been healthy, but that has not been consistent enough. Williams also suffered an injury early into the season last year, so it has always impacted the flow of his progression into the defense.

Geno Stone played 60 snaps due to the Williams injury. The thought is that we will see plenty more of Stone. However, the Baltimore Ravens may also have to make some more roster moves. They had three safeties on their roster before the Williams injury. They called up Daryl Worley from the practice squad this week, and he has a few more elevations.

Still, now he is a third safety, and if this injury does take a while, they will eventually have to get him on the active roster. This could be the move that is made in sequence with Williams heading to the IR. It sounds like that will be the case.

The Ravens also have Brandon Stephens, who was supposed to move from cornerback to safety this year but ended up starting at safety. If Rock Ya-Sin or Marlon Humphrey can come back this week, they could shift Stephens back to safety. This will be worth watching.