6 major takeaways from Baltimore Ravens injury updates

The Ravens have a lot of injuries on both sides of the football

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JK Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens
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4. What is the Baltimore Ravens plan after J.K. Dobbins is out?

This one is a bit more obvious than the first two. Humphrey will be back in a week or two. Williams will be back; we do not know when. Dobbins will miss the entire season. Now, the question is what will happen.

When Dobbins left the game, the split was nearly even. Justice Hill played 52% of the snaps, but had seven carries, while Gus Edwards played 48% and ended up with eight carries. So, it is hard to say who has the lead in this one.

However, you could think that Hill would be. If we go back to the preseason, when Dobbins was out, Hill started over Edwards. Edwards has a role as a downhill runner, whereas Hill and Dobbins bring a speed element that can stretch runs outside.

So, as they did in the preseason, Hill would back up Dobbins, and then Edwards would always stay in this role. This makes sense and could be what we see moving forward. The split was more even last week because the Ravens had the lead and wanted to put the game away with Edwards. We will see if this is what happens.